Unified Communication Platform for Parents, Keyworkers & Nursery


About Us

The idea of iNursery evolved from the board of directors which is based on personal experience of challenges faced in managing children's school and social diary. Experimenting various Schedulers, To-Do Apps & Calendars over a period of a couple of years still did not solve the problem comprehensively. The market gap was acknowledged, which led to the evolution of iNURSERY

Our Vision

Collaborate various actors involved in learning journey of Nursery childern on a common communication platform to join the dots and establish a full picture dynamically.

Ensure effort from Parents, Key Workers and Nursery Administrative staff yields best possible outcome during Early Years Foundation Education of children.

Extend the Platform to ensure safety of Children by introducing School Bus Tracking, Visual identification of person collecting the child from school in real time



Applying latest state of the art Technology to build rich Mobile devices and Internet Applications using Industry standard frameworks such as Backbone.js, Cordova, jQuery on RESTful Architecture for consistent user experience across different devices and Operating Systems for functionality and performance of the features provided in iNursery App



Announcements from Nursery, Group, Class and Events in one Place. Pin, Set Reminder or Archive an Announcement

Day Reports

Day Report of the child for the day in the Nursery, including details of Meals, Nappy Changes, Sleep Time and other activity with their photo


Parent & Nursery staff direct real-time Messaging feature along with Parent forum to discuss social skill curve and growth curve related to the child's time spent and activities at the Nursery



One App for parents with multiple children activities in same or different Nursery. Single sign for parent who is a Nursery staff to switch to Teacher's view

cloud hosted

Available on Desktop, Android & iOS. Highly adaptable User Interface

cross device compatibility

Access to information anywhere at anytime, in an effectively secured manner



iNursery App (iNA)

Android and iOS based mobile app with collaboration facility among Key Workers, Parents and Nursery Admin Staff

iNursery App Server (iNAS)

Manages overall app coordination, data persistence and other app constraints

Admin (ADM)

Web browser based app for administration of the overall application